Colleen Carroll

Colleen grew up in the Northwest Region of the USA, planted just between the Puget Sound and the North Cascade mountain range. Mentored by a family with an affliction for outdoor recreation, her love affair with the outdoors started at an early age. Whether it was snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, windsurfing, hiking, rock climbing or even just climbing a tree, every free moment was spent outside, exploring the gifts of the Northwest.

After graduating early with a B.A. in Environmental Economics feeling uncertain as to a satisfying career path, Colleen accepted a job managing a local kiteboard shop. Following a two-year introduction to the kiteboard industry, she couldn’t wait to travel to some of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. She was hooked. Colleen moved to Hood River, Oregon, the epicenter of kiteboarding in the NW, but found that she needed to explore further. So as fall came near, she headed off with her older brother to discover the NE coastline of Brazil and with the help of my amazing sponsors, haven’t stopped since.

Since throwing herself full steam into kiteboarding, she has claimed podiums around the globe, winning the prestigious Triple-S Invitational 4 times, has been awarded the AWSI female kiteboarder of the year the last 3 years running, is the current KPL Vice Champion and has been showcased in publications worldwide.  Colleen continues to progress her skills on the water and thrives on sharing these with others.